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Kohoutek 2024

Kohoutek is a competition and activity day for Scouts in Avon County, and Guides in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, and Somerset North counties, organised by students and alumni from the University of Bristol Guides and Scouts society (UOBGAS).

Teams of five take part in 20 themed bases, scoring points depending on how well they attempt these and how they work together as a team. The team which scores the most challenge points overall wins the Kohoutek Trophy, and the team which worked together best wins the Teamwork Spoon.

The 2024 event Welcome to the Jungle! will be taking place on Saturday 16th March 2024 at Camerton Community Hall, near Bath.

How does it work?


Groups wishing to take part need to register using the sign up form below, which will allocate them a team. Each group can initially enter one team. If space allows groups will be able to enter additional teams in the new year on a first-come first-served basis.

Information for leaders

A full leader information pack including timings and the plan for the day will be sent out in February to all teams.

In advance of this, some useful information:

  • The day will run from roughly 10am to 4:30pm, and will be outdoors.
  • Teams will need a leader on the day to be responsible for them (leaders can be responsible for multiple teams).
  • Tea/coffee/biscuits for leaders will be provided (but you'll need to bring a mug!).

Entry cost

Entry to the competition is £30 per team, which includes a badge for each participant (and leader).

Key dates

1st December 2023
Registration for Kohoutek 2024 opens
January 2024
Groups can enter additional teams if space allows
1st February 2024
Registration and team payment deadline
16th March 2024
Join us for Kohoutek 2024


This is a competition after all!

Kohoutek Rules

Sign up for Kohoutek

Kohoutek is open to Scouts in Avon County, and Guides in Bristol and South Gloucestershire or Somerset North Counties.

Please read the entry information and rules above before signing up.

Groups can enter three teams initially, with additional teams being offered to groups in the new year first-come first-served if spaces remain.

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Kohoutek History

Kohoutek, Kahoutek, Cahoutek, Cohoutek - one event, many spellings!

Kohoutek was originally held in 1973 by a group of University of Bristol Students, for local Scout Troops and Guide Units, based off a similar event held by Scouts in Cheshire. It was named after Comet Kohoutek, which was first sighted in March of that year. Over the years themes for the event have ranged from Jurassic Park (1997) to Wild West (2020)!

The event aims to provide a fun environment for Scouts and Guides to improve their teamwork and problem solving skills. Teams of five meet to complete a series of themed activity bases over the course of the day, competing for the coveted Kohoutek Trophy.

There was a short hiatus in the event when the University of Bristol Guides and Scouts (UOBGAS) society closed in the early 2000s, but the rebirth of the society saw the event being brought back in 2017. 2019 saw us celebrating the 35th Kohoutek event, with Kohoutek hosting more than 300 young people!


2019 - Epigram (University of Bristol Students' newspaper): Student Scouts and Guides organise mammoth event for local children named after the Kohoutek comet.